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Queen Bella

About Bella. 

Hey you beautiful souls. In the literary world, I go by my writing alter ego: Bella Jay. Short quick facts: I’m an 80s baby that was raised in the 90s, and continues to glow in the 2000s. Other than that I really have nothing profound to say except I love to read books and I found my love for writing after I got addicted to B2K fan fiction sites circa 2??? {I can’t recall but don’t judge me} . I found my passion in writing when I was a teenager and have been writing ever since. Thankfully, I write nothing like I did back in those days. #Growth. When it comes to reading, I’m not too picky on genres… I just want it to be a great read that gets me lost between the pages. As a writer, I’m most comfortable writing New Adult Contemporary fiction and Romance but I’m also dabbling in some NA Urban Literature. One day I may even venture into the fantasy genre… but let’s not dream too big just yet. I need to get my first published book out in the world first! Anyway, hopefully you enjoy our works of arts and reviews.

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