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Rating Scale

Five Crowns
Obsessed. Completely mind blown and everything about this book was amazing. We’d read it again, and again, and again. Always ready to recommend it to someone. 

Four Crowns 
Really Loved. This book was great! We'd recommend it and wouldn't mind reading it again. There wasn't really anything wrong but we're just not obsessed with it however it was still a bomb ass read. 

Three Crowns. 
Loved. It was really good almosttt great!! Maybe there were a few things that didn't hold our attention well enough to make us borderline obsessed but the book was still pretty amazing and we recommend it. 

Two Crowns
Really Liked. A good read! Held our attention and we recommend it. We probably want more and will go read something else of this author. 

One Crown
Liked. Also a good read. We liked things and we didn't like things but overall we liked it enough to still recommend it and definitely wasn't a waste of our time.

Star Ratings on Goodreads and Amazon 

4 - Okay, ok - we want more! 
5 - Page turner, It’s lit!!!