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Welcome To Our LIT.erature Queendom 

The Lit Queens are simply two women meshing together to create a space to do what they love to do. They’re more than just writers, they are sisters dedicated to paving their own path in a world of similarities.

More importantly, their goal is provide amazing novels that always leave their readers wanting more. For that reason, The Queens devote themselves to endless hours of planning and writing in an attempt to ensure their work stands out in a major way.

The Lit (Literature) Queens, or TLQ for short, initially started out as a small idea in Parker’s head but blossomed into something amazing when she presented the idea to Bella. It’s been months of hard work, intense discussions and late nights, but it’s all been worth it. The twosome often immerse themselves in novel writing, grammar, and other educational courses to improve their writing and will expect the same of any member of their team.

The Queens look forward to getting to know you all, and hope that you’re looking forward to getting to know them in return.

xoxo, TLQ